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Review -  BON JOVI: LIVE "ONE WILD NIGHT TOUR" Bon Jovi - Monday April 23, 2001 @ San Jose Arena Concluding my week in rock is the ever commercial Bon Jovi.  Now into the American Leg of the once 'Crush' now 'One Wild Night' Tour. Jon and company set down in San Jose for a spectacular show of anathematic televangelist rock and roll.

Yea, it sounds a little strange but Jon states, "Welcome to Jonnie's Church of Rock and Roll Religion.  I look around and all I see are true believers and converts."  That about sums up Monday's show. Bon Jovi had that place jumping and sing and dancing (The Twist and that Pee Wee Herman Big Shoe Deal).

The simple stage design looked like the back of your local bar. Only those double doors were an elevator from which the band emerged.  A full screen behind the stage offered close ups and collages of the band as they played (made for some great photos).

This was an impressive show.  Being one of those who lost faith in Bon Jovi with New Jersey, I managed to never see them live.  I was lucky to have missed out on the burnout band-hating years, when these guys were a touring mess; or so I've heard (Thank VH-1 and a concert goers or two).

Now many lifetimes later, Bon Jovi has picked themselves up and stand prouder, perhaps, than they ever did and I'm glad to say: "I'm a true believer".  But I friggin' still hate "Bad Medicine".  Much to my dismay it was a New Jersey night with 6songs from the album making the set list.  Which ultimately a let down.  The albums, 'Bon Jovi', '7800` Fahrenheit', 'These Days' and all the solo albums were ignored.  Not one song, Not even 'Runaway'.  So what did make it? Here's the list by album: NEW JERSEY - Lay Your Hands On Me, Bad Medicine, Born To Be My Baby, Blood On Blood, Wild Is The Wind, I'll Be There For You SLIPPERY WHEN WET - You Give Love A Bad Name, Living On A Prayer, Wanted Dead Or Alive KEEP THE FAITH - Keep The Faith, I'll Sleep When I'm Dead, In These Arms CROSSROADS - Someday I'll Be Saturday Night CRUSH - One Wild Night, It's My Life, Just Older, I Got The Girl

Jon said they wanted to play some tunes that didn't get enough of a life so they played 'Wild Is The Wind' and the great 'In These Arms'.  'Keep The Faith' was the clean up hitter in the fourth spot and just about brought the house down.  Shit I thought it was the closer, friggin ROCKED!  The rest of the set included so many audience participation songs that it was practically sickening, but Jon, Richie, & Co kept everyone in step, in line, and for the most part, in tune, I had a blast, Thanks guys.  The set was rounded out by about four cover tunes the first of which was Shout (Otis Day and The Nights) and the 2nd encore consisted of the remaining medley: Land Of A Thousand Dances/Tequila/Twist & Shout.  Not really what I wanted to hear from the band but they sure had some grumpy looking fools doing the twist.  I wasn't sure if I should be ashamed or just let the rhythm of Jonnie's religion take me away.  I decided to just stand there and shout, "Tequila!"

All in all Bon Jovi was a great show.  Well worth the $80 ticket price and even the 2nd drive in a week to San Jose.  Bon Jovi's anathematic songs still resound the strong sense of pride and courage they held for me as a teenager.  Its nice to be reminded of what you can believe in, Thanks again guys.

Oh yea, the San Jose Arena has got this cool bar down stairs. Pretty little nightclub feel to it.  All carpeted and bartenders in vests and ties and shit but in the bathroom they got speakers that would normally play muzak and shit but they were piping the music straight from the sound board so you wouldn't miss a note.  Damn nice of those sick bastards in San Jose.


Turn Down The Lights, Turn Up The Sound.

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