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Review - KISS IN L.A.  FROM ESTRELLICA Straight from the STAGE it's Estrellica with an interesting KISS review.

I just got back from the Anaheim, CA. gig and they had a few interesting problems. When Gene was coming down from the rafters on "God of Thunder" the cable stopped about 4 feet from the ground and wouldn't go any lower. He was kicking his feet for a long time until they realized he wasn't coming down. The road crew finally got a big box and scrambled out to the stage to get Gene down. Paul had to do the 'demon monologue' of the song while they were cutting Gene down. But that’s not it! When Paul tried to swing across the seats to the middle of the venue for "Love Gun," he got stuck over the 10th row. He tried to wave someone to get him back to the regular stage but to no avail. Gene sang almost the whole song before Paul was lowered into the crowd and basically dragged to the stage. He and Gene were fuming and could be seen in the side stage tunnels screaming at someone. Paul stopped the song and apologized and started "Love Gun" over. Also set list was different as they dropped into the void and did "2000 Man" and did not do "I Stole Your Love." They only did 2 encores, "Beth" and "Rock 'N' Roll All Nite.".

That was from Asylum, They also messed up the introduction...All Right LA....eheim! The music was cool. It was my fault; I partied with the roadies for St. Patty's Day at the Rainbow.  Ted was a monster and Skid Row kicked some serious ass out there! Star sightings...Ron Jeromey and Coutney the Rainbow.... Thanks Danimal for making the weekend on to die for!


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