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Pearl Jam Arco Arena 98



Review - PEARL JAM: LIVE If you've never seen Pearl Jam or see them as some kind of sell-out, talent less, pop-culture icons you outta be slapped.  You're missing probably the most intense live band on the road today.  Even after 5 albums the raw intensity of Pearl Jam has (in my opinion) yet to reach it's peak.  These guys just give and give.  Literally meeting the intensity of their crowd.  These guys ROCK.

From the opening riff of 'Spin the Black Circle' to the closing note of 'Yellow Ledbetter' and everything in-between; the arena was up in arms, literally.  Crowd surfing maniacs, slam dancing fools, and thousands of crushed fans (one of which I found puking in the bed of my truck after the show) fought long and hard for a chance to share in the 'limelight' that surrounds Pearl Jam.  And the band obliged.  Eddie Vedder even drank a toast to the crowd; OUT OF A SHOE THROWN ONTO THE STAGE!

Watching Pearl Jam perform last night to the sold out crowd at Arco Arena was like watching a defining moment in history AS it happens. I'm sure you've seen plenty of Rockumentaries on bands and their careers with file footage of the band performing live in front of some unGodly amount of people and seeming to touch each and every one of them personally.  That’s what last night felt like.

If you weren't there, then you missed it.  Man, you just missed it.


Turn Down The Lights, Turn Up The Sound.

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