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Review - QUEENSRYCHE - SUMMATION - S.J. 11/99 Strange, the view from here Words we spoke, forgotten at the time Now replay in my mind

I overheard some guy saying this was the worst Queensryche show he'd ever seen.  I couldn't believe it.  I don't think we just watched the same show.

Saturday Nov 6th Queensryche played to a packed house at the San Jose State University Events Center.  And man they ROCKED!  Straight form the opening riff of Revolution Calling these 5 guys weren't gonna let you go.  Not that they've got something to prove (i.e. Kelly Gray) but because they still can.

Geoff Tate spent the night on a lyrical high.  I heard him on many occasions push the limit of the speaker system with his vocal range. And he didn't even shoot for glory (You can't expect the classic highs.  It's not that Geoff can't hit those notes; he just won't). But on any song after Operation Mindcrime he had no problem sticking to the vocals.  And some damn impressive vocals they were.

Scott Rockenfield & Eddie Jackson are the rhythm section from Hell. These guys couldn't skip a beat if they tried.  And a couple of damn nice guys to boot.

Michael Wilton and Kelly Gray I admit that I was crushed when Chris Degarmo left the band.  Maybe Broken is a better word but Chris is gone and the band has moved on.  I'm moving with them.  Michael and Kelly put on a pair of stunning performances.  Michael provided solos for almost the whole night (I hope that doesn't keep up...You know too much of a good thing) while Kelly provided a smoking set of rhythms, backing vocals (for days), and a couple (we want more Kelly) of killer solos himself.  However both Kelly and Michael (not to be outdone by the memory of Chris) smoked through every guitar harmony in the set list.  You could smell smoke they jammed so hard. It doesn't really pain me at all to say this: "Chris is out and Kelly is IN!"


Turn Down The Lights, Turn Up The Sound.

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