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Review - SEBASTIAN BACH rolled into Sacramento on Thursday and he had something to say:  "You can kick the man out of the band but you can't kick the band outta the man!"

That pretty much solidified Bach's return, his acceptance, and his set list.

The crowd at the Boardwalk were overly receptive of the former Skid Row front man and his new band (which includes Paul Crook formerly of ANTHRAX).  With the sound problems taking a backseat to the enjoyment of hearing Sebastian belt out the tunes we'd loved for years. Slave To The Grind (opener) The Threat Piece Of Me 18 and Life Livin' On A Chain Gang In A Darkened Room Here I Am Riot Act Wasted Time Monkey Business (w/Godzilla) I Remember You Youth Gone Wild (closer) & a new song or 2

At $17.50 a ticket I could do this all day long.

Sebastian sounded as good as he could, easily out vocaling Skid Row's new singer (not that that's such a tough job).  We just saw Skid Row last weekend in Reno and although the band sounded fine the singer was a low-register man.  Unable to vocalize the low-to-high shifts Sebastian is famous for.

The microphone problems/sound guy sucks problem were the only negative thing to be said for the show.  You couldn't hear any vocals for Riot Act and even Sebastian showed his frustration.

Sebastian, however, showed his love and appreciation for the fans by hanging out with us after the show and signing countless articles, taking pictures, and just shooting the breeze.  Tuttle and I both discussed the sound of Skid Row and their new singer with him and Sebastian sounded pleased with their folly.  Katt had a photo taken with him and Sebastian even signed a girls breasts; followed by an amazing signature on her mother's as well.

This is my Rock n' Roll Lifestyle.


Turn Down The Lights, Turn Up The Sound.

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