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Review - SLIPKNOT - LIVE "For Those About To Rock...FIRE!"

And the scrims drop...The name Slipknot drapes the stage.

"We Salute You!"

And the crowd goes wild.

Christ man, the house lights were still on the crowd was raging. This all about 10 minutes before Slipknot even hit the stage, but they knew we were there and they honored us.  AC/DC was followed by some godforsaken song by someone that sounded like a cross between Dolly Parton & Nancy Sinatra called, "Get Thee Behind Me Satan". About 2 minutes into the song the chorus began to loop and the house lights went out.

"Get Thee Behind Me Satan Get Thee Behind Me Satan Get Thee Behind Me Satan Satan Satan Satan Satan Satan Satan Satan"

And the auditorium fills with strobes

"The whole thing I think is sick The whole thing I think is sick The whole thing I think is sick The whole thing I think is sick The whole thing I think is sick."

And a figure in a white prison smock stands on the drum riser.  His face hidden by a white mask, crimson streaks entangled in his hair, his hands raised as if to welcome us to Hell.  All the while: "The whole thing I think is sick The whole thing I think is sick The whole thing I think is sick The whole thing I think is sick"

The rest of the band begins to walk onto stage.  The strobes have given way to red and green stage lights.  8 stands before the crowd and seems to notice the distance between us.  His mask of dreadlocks moving silently to & fro.  Without warning he's off the stage and leaps into the crowd.  He's followed by 0 & 6.  They roll around in the pit of fans wallowing in the glory.

After a few moments they return to the stage. The 9 of them spread to their locales and delivered the PAIN. 742617000027 (SIC) (you can't kill me cause I'm already inside you) EYEL E SS (I am my father's son and that leaves me nothing) WAIT AND BLEED (inside my shell I wait and bleed) N O L I F E (better back the fuck on up cause this is no kind of life) PURITY (some greedy fuck!) SPIT IT O U T (fuck me! I'm all out of enemies) PROSTHETICS (ah, fucking you will be mine, man I can't believe I'm doing this) SUR F A C I N G (I am the push that makes you move) ME IN S ID E (somos feos y pestamos y pero renomas hoto muthafucka) SCI SS O R  S (biding my time until the time is right)

For an hour and a half we screamed and rolled.  We were praised and glorified; loved aloud by the masked band for our commitment to them, their music, & for our commitment to their savagery.  I have to say that the lights, the screams, the custom percussion (kegs with 666 printed on them), the energy & the sound just flat out ROCKED!  I've never heard a band sound better in the Memorial than Slipknot did.  And I have seen few shows that were better.


Turn Down The Lights, Turn Up The Sound.

Matthew Gilbert © 1999-2015 All Rights Reserved

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