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A Walk To Remember

A Walk To Remember


Title - A Walk To Remember
My Admission - $5.00
One Line Review - You Could Call It A "Young Man's Chick Flick".


Review - It's not Dawson's Creek but it sure does look like it. Adam Shankman (The Wedding Planner) directs Mandy Moore and Shane West in Karen Janszen's big screen adoption of the Nicholas Sparks best selling novel, A Walk To Remember.  That's quite a bit in one breath.  It's sweet and sad, cute and funny, and rather enjoyable.

Landon Carter (Shane West) is Beaufort N.C.'s popular high school roughian.  Landon's exploits get him into trouble and his restitution includes some extra curricular activities.  During his duties, Landon meets Jamie Sullivan, the town outcast and Preacher's daughter.  Through her, Landon learns about life, his abilities, and himself.  Landon's new understanding soon produces a romantic relationship with Jamie that causes a stir amongst his friends and the town.

It's a pretty simple film really.  You've seen it before and the adoption is fair.  A Walk To Remember could have been a better drama but it's kept light and steers it's hooks for the WB audience.  It's got fresh music, quick transitions (so quick they fall right into your lap), and easy to handle drama.  No one really seems to discover much for themselves. If they did, what would the other characters have to do?  Not my favorite way to tell a story but it's not too difficult to bear here.  At least for me...But I like Dawson's Creek.

A pair of acting surprises popped up in the film.  Daryl Hannah, she's the brunette who plays Landon's mom.  Peter Coyote (looking like an aged Kevin Costner) plays Jamie's dad, the Preacher.  Peter is finally a good guy and is the best cast character in the film. Go Peter.

All in all A Walk To Remember is not to bad.  It's not too youthful and it's not too sad.  Barring a pair of musical sequences, it won't make you feel like a sissy if you watch it or better yet, if you actually enjoy it.

Note - Nicholas Sparks writes a pretty good story.  A Walk To Remember is his third novel (I believe he's up to five).  His second, "Message In A Bottle", made its transition to the screen with Renee Russo and Kevin Costner a few years back.  I have not seen it but I've read the book and when I put it down, I cried like a...Well I cried pretty good.  I enjoyed his 1st novel, "The Notebook" better than "A Walk To Remember" and my mother thinks it'd be a great film if 'they' could get Paul Newman and JoAnne Woodward to star. I sincerely agree.


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