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The Adventures of Joe Dirt

The Adventures of Joe Dirt


Title - The Adventures of Joe Dirt
My Admission - $4.00
One Line Review - This Is What the Dollar Theater Was For.


Review - David Spade's new (Adam Sandler Produced) comedy Joe Dirt is a pleasant Hollywood film.  An ugly duckling story of a Po' White Trash boy/man who finds glory (and a happy ending) at the end of a long lonely road.

Joe Dirt is practically inoffensive and is something the whole family could enjoy at home on video or (almost) on PAX.

The acting is par with some surprises by Christopher Walken, Fred Ward, Adam Beach (Smoke Signals) & Kid Rock but nothing out of the ordinary.  Brittany Daniel and Jamie Pressly are the two female interests of the film.  Unless you count Tyler mane as Buffalo Bill. An image you will most likely wish you could forget.


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