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The Beach

The Beach


Title - The Beach
My Admission - $7.00
One Line Review - It's Better Than You'd Think.


Review - Ok so most of you wouldn't give this film a second thought. Like it was some kind of N'Sync video staring Leonardo DiCaprio but I gotta tell you that this is a Danny Boyle (Shallow Grave, Trainspotting) film.  Although I have to say, "Don't knock Leo too hard."  He's not a bad actor just overexposed; like N'Sync.  The Beach is actually one of the best films I've seen all year.  Yea, I know...but it's August and this year has been really different.

The Beach is the interesting story of an American on vacation in Thailand, who's looking for an experience.  Unlike most travelers who'd be happy seeing the sights and eating at fine restaurants Leo's character is looking for something a little more...tangible. Like drinking snake blood with some local hoods.  The trick Leo says is not in drinking the blood but knowing when to leave the hoods.

The Beach is surrounded by the application of such knowledge.  This is a semi-strange film and should appeal to most of you on this list, my goodness you've all seen Trainspotting, right?  Now that's strange...And if you haven’t go out and rent it.

I found myself enjoying The Beach wondering if I could ever live a life as such.  That's ultimately the core of the story.  Even today I find myself so entwined with society and the life I've created (and feel responsible for) that I wonder about responsibility's excess.  Am I, just like you, too far gone to enjoy a life of self-preservation and fulfillment that I could not do it without societies structures?  Perhaps it's a question you may ask yourself after you've seen The Beach.


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