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Blade II

Blade II


Title - Blade II
My Admission - $4.00
One Line Review -

It's perfect for the amount of money I spent.


Review - Of course I didn't spend a dime.  A good friend of my families talked us into watching the first Blade film again and then going to see Blade 2 on his dime.  I'm easy like that.  So we spent 4 hours with Wesley Snipes and his alter ego.  It was a lot more fun than I anticipated.

Blade 2 picks up a few years after the original film ended.  Now the Vampires, did I mention Blade is a vampire hunter?, have begun training an elite force of bloodsuckers to fight Blade but something has gone terribly wrong.  A genetic mutation has created a new breed of dark creature.  One that feeds on Vampires.  Blade must join forces with his sworn enemies in order to combat this new plague. (queue action hero music)

It's not deep and is chock full of 'action star' one-liners but it's somehow, fun.  Maybe it's Kris Kristofferson and his mouth...He is the most endearing character in the two films.  It could be the extensive fight sequences.  There're many and they’re pretty darn cool to watch.  It could be the head Vampire and his marble appearance, I really dug that, or Ron Pearlman as 'Captain Butthead', an elite Vampire with a bad attitude.  In the end I imagine it's got to be Wesley's sunglasses.  Like Indy's hat, it doesn't matter what he's facing, who's punching him, or how many times he's smashed, dropped, kicked, or stabbed, those glasses come out unscathed...They come out looking better than our hero and that just made me laugh and laugh and oh goodness.


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Turn Down The Lights, Turn Up The Sound.

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