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Charlie's Angels

Charlie's Angels


Title - Charlie's Angels
My Admission - $5.00
One Line Review - Forget 'Girl Power'; Angels Kick Ass.


Review - Charlie's Angels is a hoot.  A beginning to end 'good time'.  No deep drawn out allegories or pretentious B.S.; just a nut-busting ride.

Drew Barrymore (Producer) and her team have put together a solid summer action film.  Not steeped in story or reasoning and chock full of Matrix enhanced action.  Just the thing you're looking for in escapism.

The Angels are 3 beautiful women who understand kickin' ass.  Lucy Liu, Cameron Diaz, and even Barrymore set the screen ablaze for 90 minutes as you lean over to your date and go, "Ouch!"  The Angels are hired to investigate a kidnapping.  That, of a young software tycoon played by Sam Rockwell (The Green Mile) by a rival tycoon (Tim Curry).  The eventual investigation leads to typical twists and typical bad guys who are enhanced by the actors who fill their bad roles.  The most notable of these are Crispin Glover (Back To The Future, Friday the 13th Pt.4, The Razor's Edge) and Kelly Lynch (Roadhouse).  These two actors are nothing short of sensational (in work outside this film) and they bring a level of quality to their roles that help make this film worth your time.  I should also mention that Matt LeBlanc (Lost In Space & TV’s Friends) has a great and small role that he just nails.  These 3 should get together and do something better.

In addition to those actors listed above, Charlie's Angels has great performances from Bill Murray, John Forsythe, & Luke Wilson. L.L.Cool J has a small bit, as does Tom Green.  I enjoy Tom Green but 'The Chad' is a waste here.

But this film is about the Angels and they ROCK!

The action sequences are a joy to watch.  And with them we see the Matrix style pushed a little further.  It's not original but the use of slow motion and speed are worked in very well to the fight scene choreography.  And man, "That's gotta hurt."

So spend your $5bucks and enjoy the clichés and retro throwbacks, the action and some surprising performances.  I gotta feeling Charlie pays these girls well enough for a sequel.

Oh, I forgot.  There's some great music in this.  Rod Stewart, Rage Against The Machine, Motley Crue, & Spandau Ballet...Nothing is quite sacred.


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Turn Down The Lights, Turn Up The Sound.

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