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Freddy Vs. Jason

Freddy Vs. Jason


Title - Freddy Vs. Jason
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One Line Review - I Can't Put A Price On Great Crap Like This.


Review - What can you really say about a movie like this?  If you go expecting a solid story, great acting, and a sense of claustrophobic terror then you obviously have no idea what level of the horror genre a movie like Freddy Vs. Jason falls into.

And what level does Freddy Vs. Jason fall into?  Considering that booze, sex, drugs, death, boobs, murder, and mayhem run throughout the film, it goes right here on the shelf marked, "Crap".  And if you can't enjoy it for what it is, the steaming turd and all, then forget it.  However if you want classic slasher film fun the Freddy Vs. Jason has it all.

I mean we've got Boobs.  Consumption.  Sex.  A cornfield.  A mental institution.  Camp Crystal Lake.  Dead cops.  A shaggin' wagon.  A girl in the shower.  Needles.  Elm Street.  Titus' brother, Dave.  Bad guy flashbacks.  Machetes.  A bathtub full of blood.  Dismemberings.  Assholes 'a plenty.  Decapitations.  Escaped mental patients.  And enough stoopid teenagers for the audience to yell at for a full 97 mins.  Man it's great!

The story's not as bad as it could have been and the main characters (Freddy and Jason) meshed pretty well together on screen.  I can't call the movie ingenious but it has its inventive moments and those moments work rather well.

Monica Keena Jason Ritter

But I must reiterate, Freddy Vs. Jason is a gore fest.  Blood flows heavy and freely.  Not as much as I'd have liked.  I'm used to massive killings in these films (Jason has 10 movies and a body count of 127), I mean I go to see how these people are gonna get "killt this time".


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Turn Down The Lights, Turn Up The Sound.

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