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Gone In 60 Seconds

Gone In 60 Seconds


Title - Gone In 60 Seconds
My Admission - $5.00
One Line Review - Hope you want more plot than car chases.


Review - Jerry Bruckheimer, the renowned Producer of such Summer Fare as Top Gun, The Rock, Crimson Tide, & Beverly Hills Cop, ought to know how to fill a movie about car thieves with stolen cars and lots'a getaways.  Well, he musta forgot.

We do however get to see a lot of amazing cars.  A flashy Lamborghini, Ferrari, a Shelby Cobra, a T-Bird, and a Porsche or two.  Oh, they look good but they're all parked or are parking, either way they're going under 5mph.  There is however 1 pretty cool chase sequence at the end of the film, not outstanding but worthy of note.

The story, I won't bore you with because the filmmakers didn't bore me with it, instead they filled the film with an all-to-appealing cast to deliver some arbitrarily funny lines and to just look cool. Nicholas Cage, Angelina Jolie, Giovanni Ribisi, Will Patton, Robert Duvall, Delroy Lindo, Scott Cann, a Keanu look-alike, and one of the boys from Scream2.  These guys and a few extra, whose names elude me, are worth your ticket price.  The jabber mouth and his silent counterpart we're, for me, the most enjoyable.

Note - Angelina Jolie isn't worth you admission if that's what you're thinking.  The token female in a film with little concern for token characters.

Gone In 60 Seconds is not what it should have been but its'a pretty painless way to put 120 minutes to waste.


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