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Happy, Texas

Happy, Texas


Title - Happy, Texas
My Admission - $4.00
One Line Review - You'll only like it enough.


Review -  Happy Texas is a mainstream film made on independent money.  It's your typical:  bad guys escape from prison and hide out in a small town they plan to rob but not before accomplishing some great civic task to ascertain credibility and faith they never had before. You've seen it before and again.  Happy Texas just proves that the formula can still be cute.

The film is populated by two of independent films most mainstream stars: Illeana Douglas and William H. Macy, both a class act and both delightfully entertaining here.  Ron Pearlman (Beauty & The Beast),  Ally Walker (Singles & Kazaam), & Jeremy Northam (Mimic & The Net) round out the cast.  But the most fun comes from Steve Zahn (That Thing You Do, Out Of Sight, Forces Of Nature) as Wayne Wayne Wayne Jr.  The hot-tempered, quiet voiced, car thief who's gonna stitch and dance his way into the hearts of Happy Texas.

It's small, it's funny, and yes, it's cute.  Don't try to entertain a party with it but individually you'll walk away with a little smile.
One about the size of Happy, Texas.


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