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The House On Haunted Hill

The House On Haunted Hill


Title - The House On Haunted Hill
My Admission - $2.00
One Line Review - $2 is being nice.


Review - The House On Haunted Hill is crap.  Unfortunate Crap.  Directed by William Malone,'s crap.  What begins and continues throughout, with an array of disturbing visuals falls flat on its face in content, concern, believability, and resolution.

The $2 comes here:  $1 for the cast.  Geoffrey Rush (Shine), Famke Janssen (Goldeneye & The Faculty), and Chris Kattan (Saturday Night Live) are great and they suit their characters well; they’re all a bunch of bastards.  The 2nd $1 comes from the disturbing visuals and there's a good handful but their power is diminished by the fodder the story tries to feed you and they wind up easily forgotten.  It's too damn bad.

Unfortunately there's more cast members worthy of note.  I can only note them because as actors they’re worth watching...Unfortunately, not here.  They are Taye Diggs (Go & The Best Man), Peter Gallagher (To Gillian on Her 37th B-Day & While You Were Sleeping)), and Lisa Loeb (remember the song 'Stay' from Reality Bites?).

Reading a note at this morning I was told that those of us that have the courage to wait through the credits will be rewarded by 2 minutes of extra footage. Set to explain, god knows what.  But I wouldn't pay the $2 to find out.


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