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Jay And Silent Bob Strike Back

Jay And Silent Bob Strike Back


Title - Jay And Silent Bob Strike Back
My Admission - $2.50
One Line Review - It Breaks The "Odd Numbered" Hopes For Kevin Smith.


Review - Jay And Silent Bob Strikes Back, SUCKS!  Breaking the hopes that only Kevin's even numbered films (Mallrats & Dogma) suck while the odd numbered (Clerks & Chasing Amy) shine.

I have an expectation of Kevin Smith, maybe that's bad, but I really enjoy his clever writing style.  His carnal introspection, as it may be called, has often come from a deep and intelligent spot in his mind; although that mind resides in a gutter has been inconsequential to me.  But with Jay and Silent Bob all of that goes out the window.

Kevin's fifth and final film with these two characters is void of any real brainpower, just a lot of smack talking and four letter words.  I find much humor in these kinds of films but this one just grated on my ears (just shy of offending me well for the $8 I paid to see it I was offended), so much more so than even Dogma.  Damn shame.

Bright spots can be found where James Van Der Beek and Jason Biggs (playing Jay & Silent Bob in a Hollywood production) meet up with the real deal.  Ben Affleck & Matt Damon on the set of Good Will Hunting 2: Open Season.  And Mark Hamill as the evil 'Cocknocker'. Other than that.... don’t bother.


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