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The Matrix


Title - The Matrix
My Admission - $8.00
One Line Review - One Word Review - "Whoa!..." (Use Keanu's voice.)


Review - "Follow the White Rabbit."

Do you think you should...?
Do you think you would...?

"What lies down the Rabbit hole?"
"The Truth..."

"What is the Matrix?"
"The Truth..."

I think that about sums up 'The Matrix'.  I couldn't explain it to
you any plainer.  I shouldn't explain it to you any plainer.  I wouldn't explain it to you any plainer.  Now let's see if I can muddy up the waters some more.

"The Matrix" is the second movie from the Wachowski Brothers (Larry & Andy) and stunning Testament to what a "GOOD" film should be.  By this I mean that 'The Matrix' is not the greatest movie of all time or even in a decade but Damn it's GOOD.

Great scripting - Larry & Andy have scripted a truly believable scenario for the film; a difficult explanation set across 2 hours, that like a good science fiction story is thorough and solid.

Quality Acting - Keanu is at some kinda peak.  He's not been this good in a decade.  Not since 'Point Break’ it may have to do with the sunglasses or that they don't let him talk too much.  Laurence Fishburn is perfect as 'Morpheus'; the quiet Prophet.  The best of Fishburn's talent is used here:  Quiet indignation, piercing Truths, and Power.  Words in the hands of Laurence can carry any weight. Carrie-Anne Moss turns in another very 'action speaks louder than words' performance, as Trinity.  Driven, confident, and capable. "The Trinity is with Me."  Hugo Weaving turns in the performance of the film as 'The Agent'.  You can't imagine.


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Turn Down The Lights, Turn Up The Sound.

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