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Monsters Inc.

Monsters Inc.


Title - Monsters Inc.
My Admission - $4.50
One Line Review - It's cute and cuddly and aimed at 4 year olds.


Review -   Pixar's Monsters Inc. is a rather typical children's movie.  Conventional and simple, it's got family fun written all over it.  Something to keep in mind if want to go and don't have children.

John Goodman and Billy Crystal provide the voices for our main characters.  They're cute and funny, yada-yada...James Coburn, Steve Buscemi, and Jennifer Tilly round out the central cast are each adequate in their roles.  But what's that saying?

Monsters Inc. is really for families.  Go with your mate and your kid(s).  Watch your partner as their face lights up in fond memories of your children.  It's that kinda cute.  Couples without children might find it harder to enjoy the film or just might get bored. It's not that interesting of a film but it is cute.  Did I mention that?

In fact, the last 5seconds of the film are lovely.  Some of my new favorite screen time, I absolutely adore those seconds.  Thank you Pixar.

Pixar, a Disney company, was the leading innovator in computer animation but while providing the first steps, has been railroaded by the likes of DreamWorks in it's creative and innovative story telling.  While Monster Inc. is sure to make a stockpile of money, it's no stretch from A Bugs Life or Toy Story 2.  Neither film I enjoyed.


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