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One Line Review

A Beautiful Mind $8.00 It's Wonderful.
A Knight's Tale $7.00 It's Got Spirit.
A Walk To Remember $5.00 You Could Call It A "Young Man's Chick Flick".
About Schmidt $4.00 It's Dull But Likeable.
The Adventures of Joe Dirt $4.00 This Is What the Dollar Theater Was For.
Alone In The Dark $0.75 It’s Completely Senseless.
Along Came A Spider $4.00 I Could Take It Or Leave It.
American Beauty $7.00 'Fuckin' Trippy'
American Hustle $7.00 "David O' Russell Does His Best Martin Scorsese."
American Pie $5.00 "What's my name, Bitch!"
Any Given Sunday $6.00 Oliver Stone has made one damn long Nike Commercial.
Atlantis: The Lost Empire $5.00 This Is Not An Improved Disney.





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