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Scary Movie $6.00 The Wayans Do Horror.
Scary Movie 2 $4.50 So Stoopid But So Funny.
Scream 3 $5.00 Strictly, a $5 roller coaster ride.
Shanghai Noon $5.00 Jackie Chan Lite.
Shrek $8.00 Disney Is In Trouble.
The Sixth Sense $7.00 Whoa!...dude.
Sleepy Hollow $6.50 Run Ichabod, Run!
Star Wars: Episode 2 - Attack of the Clones $5 film but $8 of fun. For Better Or Worse I Take Thee.
Stigmata $3.00 "It's not complete crap."
Stir of Echoes $7.00 I sat up half the night scared outta my mind.
Syriana $6.00 Nothing Personal, But This Is About Business.





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