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The Mummy Returns

The Mummy Returns


Title - The Mummy Returns
My Admission - $4.50
One Line Review - It's 'The Mummy' On Steroids.


Review - A good friend of mine saw an early screening of The Mummy Returns and he described it as The Mummy on steroids.  I can't think of a better description for The Mummy Returns.

Like anyone on steroids, The Mummy Returns is bigger, faster, and louder than it's predecessor.  But like any drug addict the film has a tendency to lose it's mind.  It's rational, at times, tends toward the ridiculous.  Though that's not unexpected in a summer movie it's no excuse for a bad movie.

The Mummy Returns is not a complete waste.  In fact it has a few shining moments.  The return on Imoteph, I thought, was interesting enough to warrant a second film.  Patricia Valazquez and Rachel Weisz both portray very strong characters and their fight sequences are some of the best parts of the film.  The Rock is even a worthy addition to the series.  And the returning cast Brendan Fraser, Oded Fehr, Arnold Vasloo & John Hannah all give performances that do not stray far from their original characters.  By far the strongest sense of stability in the film.

If you spend a few bucks on The Mummy Returns you won't be let down. The Mummy Returns is all rollercoaster and unfortunately, only the first of the season.


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