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The Sixth Sense

The Sixth Sense


Title - The Sixth Sense
My Admission - $7.00
One Line Review - Whoa!...dude.


Review -  Most of you have already seen the film so this is old hat but I must say that the Sixth Sense is one of the better movies of the year and paying full price ($8 where I come from) is a steal. Writer/Director M. Night Shyamalan has made a rare gem, a film that delivers no compromises.  Set in and shot in Philadelphia, Shyamalan makes excellent use of exterior's/interior's to translate the film's historical elements into a very lively creepiness.  This film seems very well contrived and perfectly subtle.

However it seemed really slow to me (that's why it got a $7).  I've managed to keep the secrets of the film hidden from my family and myself and in doing so I wrongly expected a very LOUD Bruce Willis film.  I didn't get it.  I got Bruce Willis doing a slightly convincing turn at REAL acting (The Color of Night...bunch o' crap). In retrospect I think I would enjoy the film much more the 2nd time through and again (I bet) you'd be damn happy to shell out top dollar to see it again also. I'd be willing to bet on it.

The acting was very well done and their direction was flawless. (When was the last time you could say that?) 'Toni Collette' as the boy's mom, the hard working single mother of a "schoolboy freak".  She reacted so like I would in her situations that I couldn't help but identify and empathize.

Oliva Williams' as Bruce's wife.  A very dedicated and sad woman. She carries such a strong sense of dignity and love that you can't help but want to cradle her face, look into her eyes, and make all the stars shine just for her.

'Donnie Wahlberg’ Completely unidentifiable ex 'New Kids on the Block' chick-magnet.  A very ugly 'whacko'.  (Tell me if you can spot him.)
'Haley Joel Osment' the jewel in the acting crown.  Bruce has stated that this boy deserves an Oscar nod and I wouldn't be surprised if it happens. He's that good.

Speaking of Oscars this film has got "Sleeper" written all over it. Writer, Direction, Acting.  I wouldn't push the nods beyond that but who really needs to.  This isn't the TITANIC.  This film doesn't need to be.

It's that good.


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