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Time Machine

The Time Machine


Title - The Time Machine
My Admission - $3.00
One Line Review -

It's Dumber Than I'd Hoped.


Review - Simon Wells' (Gone In 60 Seconds) remake of the H.G. Wells classic is all but a waste of time.  The "but" is in its visual display of the surroundings changing through time.  It's the one thing I looked forward to and the only thing I wasn't disappointed in.  Jeremy Irons and Guy Pearce put forth worthy efforts but the material is so thin and misrepresented that they have no hope of saving this picture from it's timely demise...Buried, hopefully under a few hundred thousand years of ice.

My opinion stated, The Time Machine might provide a limited amount of escapism for those so inclined to enjoyed films like last summer's remake of Planet of the Apes.  At least they'll enjoy the time-travel special effects.


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Turn Down The Lights, Turn Up The Sound.

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