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Title - Traffic
My Admission - $7.00
One Line Review - Soderbergh's Take on the Drug War.


Review - I want to make this simple, so let's just say that Traffic is another drug movie.  In the same vein as about a hundred other ones out there but Sodebergh (Sex, Lies, & Videotape & Erin Brokovich) has done a very fine job of pooling around 110 actors, senators, and a governor to help remind the world that, "drugs are still a problem."

When you break it all down that's really what Soderbergh's film is doing.  He's got three or four stories going on that take on a few of the questions and situations many drug users, cops, Mexican militia, etc are continuing to resolve (or at least attempting) in an age that has begun to turn a blind eye to the harsh reality of substance abuse and drug traffic.

Maybe that's why Traffic works so well.  It reminds you that, "Yes, this can happen to you." and "No, we have no answers."

Stephen Gaghan, Golden Globe winner for screenwriting, has put together a group of stories that are really all over the place (covering as many topics as possible).  Most of them do not connect and when they do it's in a rather limited fashion.  That's no issue,
as far as watching the film goes as you are pulled into each story methodically.  Soderbergh has created virtually seamless transitions between these stories and their relations never seem to be an issue, the line is effectively blurred.

Very little is wasted or lost in Traffic.  I found that surprising because of its apparent scale.  110 names are listed on the official Cast List and you'll recognize about half of them.  Those that you don't have still appeared in enough films that, believe it or not, you've seen them too.

I was apprehensive about seeing Traffic because it is another drug movie but I really enjoyed it.  Even through the bleached scenes of Mexico or an E.R. parking lot.  Traffic is tight and well constructed and not as difficult to watch, as it must be to live.


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