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“The President” by Wit – A Music Review
Now here’s an interesting song, a song that re-examines the idealistic embodiment of the office of the President of the United States.  Something most people would agree has been missing from our current political arena.  “The President” is certainly not something that I expected, but I’m happy to report that I was pleasantly surprised by Wit.
The six minute track by the artist known as Wit, takes an honest look at the Presidential position from two different view points:  One of a child who dreams of one day being the President of the United States and the second of a man becoming President who seems uncorrupted by the typical political power that compromises a man prior to his achieving the office.
To categorize “The President” as a simple pop song is doing it a great injustice.  “The President” boldly stands out on its own as art, while maintaining the equilibrium between left and right, conscious and subconscious, the circus and the serious, the harmonious and the dissident, the weak and the strong; all of this being superimposed with and innocent naiveté.  “The President” is a symbolic ideal that becomes a larger truth.
“The President” seems to be a song of hope, even if it seems like an unbelievable idea.  I mean who becomes the President of the United States without a hidden agenda?  Well, Wit gives us a look at the possibility of seeing a man who has the cajones to stand up for what the office expects.  Now, who wouldn’t love to see this song in action?


Album Information

Album: The President
Release Date : October 20, 2004
Band/Artist: Wit
Band Members: Wit
Label:  Wit Records/Body Tone Multimedia
Songs Writers: Wit
Produced by:  Wit
Recorded by: Wit
Mixed by :  Wit
Songs Recorded at: Wit Records
Artwork: Wit
Running Time: 6:05
Genre: Pop, Rock, Alternative
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