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One Line Review

Maria Full of Grace $8.00 As Graceful As They Come.
The Matrix $8.00 One Word Review - "Whoa!..." (Use Keanu's voice.)
The Matrix Reloaded $6.00 Whoa!...This Rabbit Hole Is Deep, Man...Really Deep
The Matrix Revolutions $6.00 Choice Revealed
Memento $7.50 The Secret of 'ESREVER' or 'How I Learned To Lose My Mind'
The Messenger - The Story of Joan of Arc $4.00 This is the strangest movie I've seen in a long time.
Mindhunters $4.00 Its Unoriginal Moments Make It Mind numbing.
Miss Congeniality $6.25 Sandra Produces The Hollywood Formula.
Mission Impossible-2 $6.50 It's one cool mission.
Monster's Ball $3.00 Clasic 'Indie Film' Boredom.
Monsters Inc. $4.50 It's cute and cuddly and aimed at 4 year olds.
The Mothman Prophecies $6.00 Friggin' Trippy.
Moulin Rouge $5.50 Is 'That' Entertainment?
The Mummy Returns $4.50 It's 'The Mummy' On Steroids.
Mysteries of Egypt $6.00 Dude...It's Omar Shariff





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